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BENETECH GM3110 Surface Resistance Meter


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SKU: S-HC-0901
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

About the product
As one resistance meter for object surface, it can measure the resistance value on object surface by putting two parallel electrodes close to object surface to be measured, so as to judge whether the measured object is a conductor, static material or insulator; meanwhile the meter can be used to measure the resistance to ground of object, which is specially applied to different anti-static fields

1. Surface resistance test
2. Three modes to display resistance value on object surface or material property simultaneously
3. Ambient temperature measuring
4. Temperature unit conversion
5. Data holding
6. LCD backlight

Package Contents 1 x Manual, 1 x Battery, 1 x Resistance Meter, 1 x Cable,
Measuring Precision of Resistance +-10%,
Response Time of Resistance Measurement 1s,
Measuring Range of Temperature 0-50 Celsius Degree,
Measuring Precision of Temperature +-2 Celsius Degree,
Measure Range 10 to the 3rd power-10 to the 12th power ohm,
Power Supply 9V 6F22 battery,
Size 125.8mm x 63.6mm x 31mm,
Weight 157.6g,

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