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BENETECH GM70 1.5 inch Multi-function EP Timer


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SKU: S-HC-0543
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Automatically and periodically connect and disconnect the power supply, control the operation of the electrical equipment, reduce the cost and prolong the service life of the electric appliance. It can be used in the appliances such as water heater and water dispenser.
2. The specific USB charge jack with the built-in function of regularly fit for chargeable equipment such as mobile phone and tablet PC.
3. Its night light makes it easy to be used at night
4. Its child-lock function can disable the functions of any key to keep children away from the danger caused by his faulty operation.

Rated Voltage AC 220V,
Cycle Time 7 days,
Programmable Number 20 groups / day,
Rated Current AC 10A,
Rated Power 2500W,
Charging Voltage 5V (USB),
Charging Current <=1A (USB),
Insulation Resistance >100Mohm,
Inherent Loss <0.5W,
Size 80.5mm x 76mm x 63.4mm,
Weight 133g,

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