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BSIDE ESR02 Pro Digital Transistor Test Table M328 Resistance Inductance Capacitance ESR Tester


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SKU: TBD03786390
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Add startup voltage detection function
2. Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, diodes (including dual diodes), thyristors, transistors, resistors and capacitors, etc.
3. Automatically test pin elements and display on LCD
4. Reference for transistors, MOSFET protection diodes, and amplification factors that can detect the forward bias voltage of the transistor’s emitter.
5. Measure the gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance of the MOSFET
6. 1602 liquid crystal display adopts LCD (12864 liquid crystal backlight)
7. Fast test speed, effective component test: 2 seconds (except for large capacitors, it takes a long time to measure large capacitance, and the measurement time is one minute is normal)
8. One-click operation, boot test, one-click acquisition
9. Power consumption shutdown mode: less than 20 nA
10. Automatic shutdown function to avoid unnecessary waste, save battery power and improve battery life

1. Two-button operation, automatic shutdown
2. Only 20na off current
3. Automatic detection of NPN, PNP bipolar transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOS field effect transistors, junction field effect transistors, diodes, diodes, thyristors, low power unidirectional and bidirectional thyristors
4. Automatically identify component pin arrangement
5. Measurement of Bipolar Transistor Current Amplification Factor and Base-Emitter Threshold Voltage
6. Identification of Darlington transistor by base-emitter threshold voltage and large current amplification factor
7. Detects bipolar and MOS transistor protection diodes
8. Gate MOS FET threshold voltage and gate capacitance measurement
9. Two resistances and resistance symbol display can be measured simultaneously. The decimal value shown on the right is 4. The resistance symbols on both sides show the number of pins. So you can measure the potentiometer. If the potentiometer wiper is not shifted to the extreme position, we can distinguish the middle and both ends of the needle
10. Resistance measurement resolution is 0.1??, can measure 50M??
11. Can measure 325pf-100mf capacitor with 1pf resolution
12. 2uf more capacitors can measure equivalent series resistance at the same time. Two can be displayed as decimal values ??with a resolution of 0.01??
13. The two diodes can be displayed with the diode symbol in the correct order, and the diode forward voltage can be given.
14. The LED was detected as having a higher diode forward voltage. The combination of LEDs is identified as two diodes
15. Can measure a single diode reverse capacitance. If the bipolar transistor is connected to the collector or emitter of the base and pins, the collector or emitter junction reverse capacitance can be measured
16. Can be connected with single measurement rectifier bridge

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