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G618 GPS Wireless Signal Detector WiFi Camera Detector


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SKU: WSM0014
Product Category: Security, Signal Detectors

1. Ultra-high sensitivity professional wireless detection device with three antennas, used to detect RF 300-700MHz, GSM 700-2700MHz and 5.8GHz respectively
2. Simple to use, with three alarm methods: sound, vibration and LED indicator, which are accurate and reliable
3. This machine can detect 2G, 3G, 4G and wireless devices, 1.2G/2.4G&5.8G wireless cameras, and can accurately locate GPS
4. It can detect whether the private address of the room, bedroom, meeting room, fitting room, hotel car entertainment venue, etc. is installed with a bug or a mini camera that is secretly photographed, and the phone is plugged into a card for eavesdropping.
Micro camera with memory card, mobile phone undercover software, GPS car tracker.
5. Small body, easy to carry
6. In a complex environment, it can effectively filter the clutter interference of the signal, accurately capture the stable signal source for analysis, and judge the position and distance of the signal source by adjusting the sensitivity of the button.
7. Frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz
8. Detection dynamic range: greater than 73db
9. Indication mode: 10-level LED luminous indication
10. Transposition sound indicator
11. Power supply: built-in 3.7V lithium battery
12. Working current: 60mA
13. Continuous work: 8-12 hours
14. Detection sensitivity: less than 0.03mw
15. Material: metal
16. Detection range:
-5.8G: 15 square meters (standard 10MW)
-2.4G: 10 square meters (standard 10MW)
-1.2G: 10 square meters (standard 10MW)
-Mobile phone signal 2G/3G/4G: 15 square meters

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