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  7. Hand-held Security Metal Detector, Detection Distance: 60mm (AR954)

Hand-held Security Metal Detector, Detection Distance: 60mm (AR954)


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SKU: S-DT-0405
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1) Sensitivity: A25-cent coin (60mm)

2) Iron pipe-tube in ??20 to 120mm

3) Operating frequency: 13KHz

4) Operating current: < 6mA 5) Power supply: 6F22 9V battery 6) Low battery indicated 7) Alert: Audio & LED light 8) Tuning: Automatic 9) Temperature environment: -10 ~50 degree celsius 10) Alarm: Vibration, sound and light alarm, with headphone output (headphones optional) 11) Detection sensitivity: detection of one yuan coin, the detection distance 6cm and above 12) Current work: sound and light is less than 20mA, the vibration is less than 70mA 13) Features and Applications: Light and beautiful structure, high sensitivity, with a small back bag easy to carry, suitable for applications requiring relatively high places such as: gold and silver jewelry, jewelry factory security and the need for a quiet school entrance examination venue mute checks. 14) Dimension: 420mm x 80mm x 40mm 15) Weight: 430g

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