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HS-10 Handheld Waterproof Metal Detector LCD Display Metal Positioning Rod(Orange)


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SKU: TBD0541230101A
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Power supply: 9V battery (need to buy by yourself)
2. Alarm mode: sound, vibration
3. Measuring range: 6.5-7 cm
4. Detect metal size: coins
5. Weight: about 200g
6. Size: about 28×4.5×2.2 cm
7. Working environment: -20-60 degrees Celsius
8. Scope of application: security check, treasure hunt, underwater detection, etc.
1. Small and portable, with lanyard, easy to use and operate
2. 360-degree omni-directional scanning, good stability and high sensitivity
3. The front probe is equipped with high-brightness LED light
4. The switch can adjust three detection modes (sound/vibration/sound plus vibration)
5. With a screen display, visual detection signal battery power, the closer the metal, the higher the signal indication
Instructions for use:
1. Power on: press the switch button to beep twice and then turn on the machine, and then after a second beep, the metal can be detected
2. Shut down: press and hold the button for 2 seconds and then shut down after 3 beeps
3. Low battery shutdown: when the battery voltage is lower than 7v, the buzzer will “didi”, “didi” and “didi” beep three times and then shut down
4. Automatic shutdown: when no metal is detected for 5 minutes, it will “di” “di”….. shut down after 10 beeps, if metal is detected during the beep, it will re-enter the next 5 minutes
5. Adjustment mode: Short press the button to adjust the mode when starting up. A sound mode, B vibration mode, C sound plus vibration mode, D in the power-on state, double-press twice to turn on the light, double-click to turn off the light, the mode has a memory function, the last shutdown mode is the next startup mode

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