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Laser Distance Meter Telescope, Measuring Range: 5-1200m (RZ1200)


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SKU: S-DT-0012
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

Application scope and product introduction

1) The laser distance meter telescope and multifunctional meterage angle meterage distance telescope is a portable optoelectronic device combined The laser distance meter and a monocular in one.

2) It can measure the distance of a stationary or slowly moving object within a certain range, and at the same time, can observe the object with great clearness. It possesses many advantages, such as a high accuracy, short measuring time, low power consumption and automatic shutoff for power saving etc.

3) Multifunctional meterage angle meterage distance telescope can Taking advantage of the latest scientific technology, this device can simultaneously measure the distances and angle of the target. It could display the angle, straight line distance, horizontal distance and height.

4) The transmission power of this device is very small and no harm to users’ eyes, any target can be measured at random. It is compact, light in weight, small in volume, very easy to operate and carry about. One piece of CR2/3v battery is used which can be bought and changed easily.

5) The laser distance meter telescope can be widely used for travel, sightseeing, golf sports, hunting, camping as well a for any measurement of outdoor projects. it is a very good assistant to improve our outdoor life quality.


1) Measuring range: 5-1200m

2) Measuring Accuracy: +/-10m

3) Magnification: 6X

4) Objective caliber: 25.0mm

5) Eyepiece caliber: 16.0mm

6) Exit pupil caliber: 3.8mm

7) Diopter adjustable range: +/- 5??

8) Battery: CR23V (include)

19) Laser wave length: 905nm

10) Working temperature: -20-50??

11) Viewing angle: 7??

12) Size: 10.4cm x 7.2cm x 4.1cm

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