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Mini PIR Alert Sensor Wireless Infrared GSM Alarm Monitor Motion Detector Detection Home Anti-theft System, EU Plug


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SKU: TBD0671256
Product Category: Security, Signal Detectors

1. Switch on: Open the card holder cover, insert the SIM card into the card holder according to the instructions and it will automatically power on. When power on, the indicator light is on for 3 seconds. After the indicator light is off, close the cover. The alarm cat will enter the monitoring and sensing state about one minute after the machine is turned on. Information to the bound number
2. Number setting: 5 seconds after dialing the connection with a communication tool such as a mobile phone, the machine will automatically connect to hear the call voice, and the operation is very simple.
3. When the products range senses that the human body is passing back and forth, the product will call the bound number, and the sensor head will enter the function sensing state after one minute of power-on, and the sensing trigger will flash LED
4. Charging indicator changes: When the host is charging, the charger light is red, and when it is fully charged, the light will turn yellow.
5. Working frequency: 850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ
Standby time: 5-7 days standby with human induction, 15-20 days standby without induction

Function introduction and use method:
1. When the human body approaches the alarm cat, it will automatically detect the human body signal and turn on the automatic dialing
2. High sensitivity within 4 meters
3. Wireless is easy to install and can be used indoors, finance room, master room, childrens room, warehouse, hospital, etc. wherever security is needed
4. Designed with wireless communication technology, low power consumption, long standby time, accurate alarm, no false alarms, no random reports
5. When installing, place or paste the alarm cat at a certain height, aim at the place where the human body walks, and the distance is within 4 meters from the human body. The alarm cat can sense the human bodys walking within 120 ?? of the left and right angle range. Or the animals are shaking back and forth, the alarm cat will be activated in a very short time

1. Put it in the family living room, bedroom, etc .: With him, he goes out to work and travels. When a stranger comes in, he reports the alarm to the owner as soon as possible.
2. It can be placed outside the door of important places, not limited by distance. It can be placed in a location that requires a certain distance without being disturbed. It can be informed in advance that someone comes in;
3. Place the elderly, the patients room, the elderly during the time out, the patients behavior will immediately report to the family or medical staff;
4. Placed in the corner of the car or high up in the warehouse, he can protect your precious beloved car or warehouses valuables for you. After getting abnormal conditions, the thief can be caught without any knowledge;
5. Home nurse: When the elderly or other loved ones live alone, are at home or are sick or even paralyzed in bed all year round, you can stay with your loved ones remotely. Even if you have a babysitter or a caregiver, you can monitor yourself for any abnormalities at any time, which will be even more reassuring.
6. Medical care: Family members are hospitalized, and they want to know the situation of their loved ones at any time. Some family members are thousands of kilometers away from the hospital and have many inconveniences. Effectively solved this problem. The installation of such equipment in hospitals is a new high-tech means to improve the quality of their services.
7. The facilities of base stations, iron towers or power systems are located in unmanned areas in high mountains. Such equipment is not only extremely expensive, but also causes communications or electricity after the incident.
8. Applicable to the bank security car, you can always check and understand the security of the currency transport car. Force interruption, indirect loss cannot be estimated, the alarm cat solves the difficulties of field network cables, no telephone lines, and inability to reach in real time, and truly audible, an anti-theft integrated system that makes illegal thieves scared and frightened

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