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Ultrasonic Thickness Meter Tester Gauge Velocity 1.2~225mm Metal (GM-100)(Red)


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SKU: S-DT-0189
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1) The tool has wide measurement range from 1.20 ~ 225.00 mm (0.047 ~ 8.86 inch) with accurate measurements. Moreover, the meter has ultrasonic wave velocity measurement function from 1000 m/s to 9999 m/s.

2) This unit is widely used in various precise measurements for different hardware / parts in industrial realm. One of its important applications is to monitor the level of thickness decreasing during operation of various and pressure container.

3) It is diffusely applied in manufacture fields, metal processing and commercial inspection. This product can be applied for the material that conduct and reflect constant sonic velocity

4) Auto Calibration to assure the accuracy

5) Auto linear compensation: this advanced software program enhances the precision by correcting the non-linear accuracy of transducer

6) Use “up” and “down” keys to make a quick adjustment for the sound velocity/thickness and a quick recall to the stored data

7) Coupling status indication: Observing the coupling icon to learn if the coupling is accomplished or not

8) 10 thickness measurement storage and recall function available, which facilitated the height work or working in wild area

9) Sound velocity measurement: with a given thickness by a sample hardware to measure the sound velocity, which avoid the further conversion or consultation of the table

10) 12 sound velocity for different material which also adjustable

11) Low battery indication

12) Auto power off mode designed to conserve battery life

13) More than 10000 times long life keys

14) The unit has a special memory that retains all of its setting even when the power is off

* Specification:

1) LCD Digital display: 4 digits

2) Minimum display unit: 0.1 mm

3) Working frequency: 5 MHz

4) Measurement Range: 1.2 ~ 225.0 mm (Steel)

5) Minimum limit for Tubes measurement: ??20mm x 3mm (Steel)

6) Accuracy: ?? (1% H + 0.1 mm) (H denotes the measured thickness)

7) Sound Velocity Range: 1000 ~ 9999 m/s

8) Measuring Sound Velocity with a given thickness

-Measuring Range: 1000 ~ 9999 m/s

-When the given thickness over 20mm, the accuracy is ??1%; when the given thickness less than 20mm, the accuracy is ??5%

9) Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ??C (32 ~ 104 ??F)

10) Power supply: 3 x 1.5 AAA Alkaline Batteries (Included)

11) Operation Current:

-Normal Operation Current ?? 50 mA

-With Backlight turn on current ?? 120 mA

-Stand-by Current: ?? 20 ??A

12) Size: 150x76x30mm

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