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[US Warehouse] 10 inch Metal Finder Treasures Seeking Tool with Shovel & Bag & Headphone & Head Lamp


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Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Fully automatic and all metal detectors: Your detector can detect all kinds of metal objects. Unless you set up some objects that you dona??t want to set
2. LCD with light, it can improve the ability to identify night or external calibration metal
3. Target identification: The detected object is displayed on the LCD display. You can immediately decide whether these objects are worth recycling
4. Unwanted target elimination: You can set the detector to not react to certain objects
5. The unique tone of the target-when an object appears, you don have to look at the LCD display to be detected, it will produce a unique tone corresponding to the target. You can even search even when there is insufficient or no light
6. There is no clumsy slack cable: the hidden search coil cable (the connection between the control unit and the search coil) avoids tangling and facilitates the adjustment of the rod length.
7. Headphone jack: used for headphone connection. Both stereo and mono headphones can be used
8. Volume control: used to adjust the output volume of speakers or headphones
9. Battery status indicator: display the status of the battery in the battery compartment
10. Waterproof search coil: allows you to use the detector in shallow water
11. Adjustable rod: The length of the detector can be adjusted for convenient use. The mini plug connecting the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal, which makes the plug more reliable
12. Armrests and rods: designed to eliminate the tension of the forearm. Long-term use of the arm
13 After holding the detector, the nylon bracket can further ensure the slidability of the hand compartment. Headlights help you to use it at night

1. Power supply: 9Vx2 battery (not included)
2. Sensitivity: greater than 18 cm (in the unit of a quarter of the United States)
3. Frequency: 6KHz+-0.2KHz
4. Operation mode: Fully automatic and all metal detectors
5. Coil: 10-inch waterproof search coil
6. Sound: 3-tone audio
7. Detected indication: LCD display
8. Battery status indicator: Yes
9. Distinguish: ferrous and non-ferrous metals
10. Color: black and yellow

The package includes:
Metal detector x1
Shovel x1
Headphone x1
Bag x1
Headlight x1

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