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USB 3.0 Color Display Screen Tester Voltage-current Measurement Type-C Meter, Support Android APP, Model:UM34C with Bluetooth


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SKU: TBD0186452702
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Display: 1.44 inch color LCD display
2. Voltage measurement range: 4-24.00V
3. Voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
4. Current measurement range: 0-4.000A
5. Current measurement resolution: 0.001A
6. Capacity accumulation range: 0-99999mAh
7. Voltage measurement accuracy: +/- (0.2% + 1 digit)
8. Energy storage range: 0-99999mWh-999.99Wh
9. Current measurement accuracy: +/- (0.8% + 3 digits)
10. Load impedance range: 0.8ohm-9999.9ohm
11. Time measurement range: 0-99h 59min 59s
12. Temperature range: -10 degrees Celsius ~ 100 degrees Celsius
13. Temperature measurement error: +/- 3 degrees Celsius
14. Screen brightness setting: 0-5 level
15. Delayed shutdown time: 0-9 minutes
16. Voltage graphic range: 4-24.00V
17. Current graph range: 0-4.000A
18. Product weight: 22.87g (UM34C) /18.39g (UM34) (no packaging); 51.43g (UM34C) /46.95g (UM34) (including packaging)
19. Refresh rate: 2Hz
20. Dimensions: 71.2mmx30.5mmx12.4mm (UM34C) /71.2mmx30.5mmx11.3mm (UM34)
21. Fast charging recognition mode: QC2.0, QC3.0, APPLE 2.4A / 2.1A / 1A / 0.5A, Android DCP, SAMSUNG
22. USB port: USB 3.0 port, support OPPO mobile phone VOOC, OnePlus DASH
23. File download method:
– Download link of user manual and Android APP: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/5c877rc21tp1p/UM34
– IOS OS: Search for the UM table in the iOS APP store to download
– Android APP: Search UM meters on GooglePlay to download
24. Note:
– UM34C Type-C port is only used to measure Type-C cable, and does not support all Typ-c fast chargers and PD chargers; and there is no type C trigger.
– UM34 is not a communication version, and it does not support any communication between PC and telephone in any way.
– UM34C is the communication version connected via Bluetooth. And UM34C has no PC software, only Android APP. (The mobile phone android system of some brands is a customized system, and our APP is not compatible, such as for Xiaomi, Nokia and other brands, so please download and test before buying, and purchase carefully)
– Mobile APP (Android 5.0 and higher, and IOS 8 and higher. Support 18 languages, Chinese, English and Russian …)
– There are some incompatibility problems between some Android phones and our Bluetooth board, please buy carefully, such as for samsung NOTE8 / S8
25. For Android and IOS APP:
A: The APP only supports android 5.0 and higher and IOS 8 and higher.
B: Allow APP to run in the background without cleaning.
C: Allow APP to start automatically.
D: After the screen is locked, the APP is allowed to stay without cleaning.

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