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USB Current Voltage Tester Digital Display DC 4-30V 0-150W Testing Tools


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SKU: TBD01623632
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Product name: USB Monitor
2. Type: digital voltage measuring instrument
3. Material: plastic
4. Input voltage: 4-30 (V)
5. Power: 0-150W
6. Current: 0-5A
7. Timing, delay: 0-99 hours, 0-24 hours
8. Power: 0-999.9WH
9. Overpressure and overflow range: 30V/5A
10. Monitoring content: USB voltage, current, power, capacity, power, timing and other data

1. Product use: USB socket can be used, mainly used to monitor the state of charging. And charging timing, timing and other functions
2. Real-time monitoring, safe and reliable. Sleeping at night is no longer afraid of overheating, voltage monitoring does not damage the battery
3. USB monitor can be timed to avoid getting up in the middle of the night to pull the plug, affecting sleep, the safety plug can be used as long as it is a USB interface. For example: notebooks, various mobile phone charging plugs, USB interfaces, etc.
4. Rejects oxidation and rust, suitable for a variety of environments, aluminum alloy joints, precision built, effectively avoiding oxidative rust
5. Turn off the power at regular intervals, do not explode, prevent accidents from happening
6. Clear screen. With the USB monitor, the status at the time of charging is clear at a glance. The numbers are clearly visible

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