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Y1 Wifi Wireless Intelligent High-definition Dental Examination Endoscope


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SKU: TBD04094445
Product Category: Digital Endoscope, Electronics

1. Product Name: Infinite WIFI Visual Dental Mirror / Oral Viewer
2. Best focal length: 15+-5mm
3. Pixel: 1 million
4. Waterproof rating: IP67
5. Operating System: Android/IOS
6. Photo/Video: Support
7. Appearance size: 152.8 ?? 19.85mm
8. LED lights: 8
9. Resolution: 1280??720P
10. Interface: USB charging
11. Working time: 70min
12. Wireless transmission distance: 10m

1. Built-in WiFi and rechargeable battery, connect to mobile phone, tablet, smart TV, smart mirror and other screens anytime, anywhere, and provide various functions such as video recording and photo taking.
2. Easy to carry, support all mobile phones (Windows / Macbook / ios (8.0 or above) / Android (4.4.4 or more) system)
3. Million HD camera,
4.8 high brightness cold light LED lights
5. Mainly used for personal care of the mouth, teeth, suitable for all ages, care for the health of the whole family, guide children to fun brushing teeth, care for the growth of deciduous teeth
6. IP67 waterproof protection, can be washed or alcohol wiped

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