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ZK-4KX CNC DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Module CC CV 0.5-30V 4A Adjustable Step Down Up Voltage Regulator


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SKU: DIY8156
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Made of high quality material, solid, durable and strong conductivity.
2. Large LCD can display input/output voltage, output current/output power/output capacity/output time, easy to read.
3. CNC adjustment is very accurate and fast, and it also can boost and step down voltage. Output voltage can be adjusted from 0.5-30v, while the current can be adjusted 0-4A as you desired.
4. It features anti-reverse connection protection of input end, which will not burn out, safe to use.
5. Anti-reverse irrigation at the output end, no additional anti-reverse irrigation diode is needed to charge the battery;
6. The module can be set to open/close by default, easy to use.
7. It has multiple software protection mechanisms are available, and the protection threshold is adjustable.When the working parameters of the module exceed the protection threshold, the output will be automatically closed.
8. Output ripple is small and PI filter is available.
9. Thicken radiator fins helps the module to dissipate heat quickly, long service life.

1. Input Voltage: 5.0-30v
2. Output Voltage: 0.5-30v
3. Output Current: It can work stably at 3A for a long time, and can reach 4A under enhanced heat dissipation.
4. Output Power: Natural heat dissipation 35W; Strengthen heat dissipation 50W
5. Voltage Display resolution: 0.01V
6. Current Display resolution: 0.001A
7. Conversion Efficiency: About 88%
8. Soft Start: Yes (The soft start may fail when it starts with high power and load module.)
9. Material: Fiber glass board, Electronic component
10. Size: 7.9 x 4.3 x 2.6cm

Protection Mechanism
1. Input Anti-reverse Connection;
2. Output Anti-reverse Irrigation;
3. Input Under voltage Protection (4.8-30V adjustable, default 4.8V)
4. Output Over voltage Protection (0.5-31V adjustable, default 31V)
5. Output Over current Protection 0-4.1A (adjustable, default 4.1A)
6. Overpower Protection (0-50W adjustable, default 50W)
7. Over temperature Protection (80-110 degree C adjustable, default 110 degree C)
8. Timeout Protection (0-100h adjustable, OFF by default)
9. Super Capacity Protection (0-60AH adjustable, OFF by default)
10. Operating Frequency: 180KHz

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