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ZS-R35 Portable Mini Wireless Signal Detector Anti-GPS Scanner


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SKU: SYA0013551
Product Category: Security, Signal Detectors

1. The detector has a built-in antenna, which is small and portable. It can be detected at any time when there are monitors, pinhole cameras, GPS locators and other environments.
2. The signal indicator shows clearly, and the source of the signal can be found quickly.
3. Intelligent detection, press button to adjust sensitivity. (Press +-to enlarge the sensitivity detection range or shorten the sensitivity detection range)
4. Low battery reminder to avoid being unable to use due to lack of electricity when needed

1 Introduction
This product combines wireless frequency sweep technology, magnetic field detection technology and infrared reflection technology, which can accurately find wireless detection phones, trackers, sneak cameras, wireless pinhole cameras, wired pinhole cameras, etc. eavesdropping, sneak cameras, hidden devices; effective Prevent eavesdropping and secret photography; ensure personal privacy, fly free, and live comfortably.
2. Description of charging indicator
When the denture is charging, the red light is always on; when the device is fully charged, the green light is always on; when the yellow light is on, it means that the device is in a low battery state and needs to be charged.
3. Equipment introduction
4. Instructions
-Power on: Press the power button up, you will hear a “beep” and the “RF” indicator light is on, that is, the device is on.
-Note: When devica is powered on, the default is wireless monitoring, snapshot and other wireless device detection modes.

Wireless device detection:
1. After turning on the power of the device, the **wireless detection indicator lights up, and then enters the wireless device detection mode: At this time, slowly move the device left and right to detect wireless bugs and secret cameras. When the signal indicator light lighe flashes and there is a sound prompt, it indicates that the emission source has been detected. The more the signal indicator lights up, the stronger the signal of the light source.
2. Adjustment of detection sensitivity: Press the signal sensitivity +/- key to adjust the signal sensitivity detection; the more the signal indicator light is on, the stronger the emission source signal. The signal sensitivity is usually adjusted to 1; but you can adjust the signal sensitivity to the highest indicator according to your environment; when the device does not issue a false alarm, you can use the highest sensitivity for detection; if a false alarm occurs, reduce the sensitivity.

Detection of magnetic field equipment:
1. When the device is powered off, install the magnetic field probe on the device, and then power it on.
2. After turning on the power of the device, click the mode button, the u magnetic field detection mode indicator light is on, and then enter the magnetic field mode detection. When all the signal lights are on and there is a sound prompt, the probe indicator light lighe is also on, it means that a strong sleep magnetic locator or other equipment with a magnetic field has been detected.

Detection of micro pinhole mirror:
Click the mode button. When the three red lights on the back of the device are on, please slowly look for the red spot through the filter of the device; check whether the red spot is reflected by the pinhole lens.

common problem:
1. Sometimes the wireless detection function cannot detect the static sleep tracker: The sleep tracker works once a day, and can only work for 3-5 minutes at a time, so the wireless detection function cannot be detected. This type of tracker usually has a magnet; at this time, switch to the magnetic field detection function for detection.
2. When the wireless detection function cannot detect the real-time tracking locator: the real-time locator locates once every minute; GPS does not work during the detection process, and the device may move too fast and then miss; therefore, the device cannot move too fast during the detection. Make sure to move slowly
3. When the detector sometimes emits a beeping sound: The sensitivity is adjusted to the minimum due to the large and strong surrounding interference signal.
4. When the wireless detection function cannot detect the camera: Sometimes the camera cannot work normally or is connected, at this time, please switch to the micro-pinhole lens detection mode to find the lens

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