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12W 4.1 inch 5X Magnifying Glass Multi-function Adjustable LED Magnifying Desk Lamp


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SKU: EDA0012816
Product Category: Digital Endoscope, Electronics

1. 4.1 inch 5 times magnifying glass: high light transmittance glass magnifying glass can magnify the object to 5 times its original size
2. Adjustable arm: The swivel arm can be folded to 14.5 inches and fully extended to 29 inches, allowing you to use it while sitting or standing
3. The joints of the head and arms allow the light to rotate 360 degrees
4. Three lighting modes: Our lighting illuminates your work area through 72 energy-saving LED chips; you can also choose between warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K) and cold day (6500K) according to your preferences. Switch between colored lights
5. Energy saving and power saving: unique 12 W power consumption can find a balance between brightness and energy cost; light bulbs can be directly powered by laptops and personal computers
6. Easy to use: The included easy-to-install C-clamp connects the lamp firmly to a 2.1-inch thick desktop; you can use the controller on the power cord to conveniently control the lamp
7. This magnifying glass will be a great gift for the seniors in the family, allowing them to return to their favorite activities
8. Very suitable for reading, cross stitch, sewing, lashing flying, beading, needlework and other small projects
9. Wattage: 12W
10. Light source: 72 SMD LED chips
11. The clip can hold the table with a thickness of 5.5cm

Safety warning:
1. This product is for indoor use only
2. Do not use this product in extreme environments
3. Unless you are qualified, do not disassemble the magnifying glass
4. Please unplug the power plug before repairing or disassembling
5. Do not expose the lens to direct sunlight or any place where light can pass through, otherwise there is a risk of fire

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