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BENETECH Film / Coating Thickness Gauge Smart Sensor Digital Thickness Meter Tester (GM280F)


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SKU: S-HC-0011
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

This portable product adopts magnetic induction technique for measurement. Compact design, perform fast, precise and non-destructive digital coating measurement and plating on steel magnetic conductor. It is widely used on manufacturing, workshop, chemistry or quality control fields.

1) LCD display measurement value and status.

2) Using Hi- sensibility sensor for precise measurement.

3) 0 point, 2 point and basic, three different calibration methods to make it easy to process the system quick calibration.

4) Measure mode: Single, continually and difference.

5) Data record, recall and delete function.

6) Data analysis: Average, Maximum, Minimum, standard deviation, and measure times.

7) Beep sounds indication.

8) Metric / Imperial unit selection.

9) Low Battery indication.

10) Auto power off

11) LCD backlight

12) Simple, compact structure and portable design.

* Specification:

1) Measurement range: 0~1800??m

– Resolution: 0.1??m / ??m

– Accuracy: ??(3%H + 1)

2) Condition of Objective material:

-Suitable for measure non-magnetic coating on magnetic conductor base material.

-The minimum curvature radius.

Convex: 2mm, Convex: 2 Concave=11, Concave: 11mm

-Minimum Sample diameter: 12mm

-Minimum Substrate thickness: 0.5mm

3) LCD display: 3 1/2 display

4) Power supply: 3 x 1.5V AAA battery (not included)

5) Operation current: About 14mA

6) Auto power off: 1 minute

7) LCD backlight function: 7 second

8) Operation humidity: 10~95% RH

9) Low battery indication: 7.0V ??0.2V

10) Size: 177mm x 65mm x 30mm

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