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Digital Sound Level Meter with USB Port(Range: 30dB~130dB)


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SKU: S-DT-0604
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

This unit has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of noise engineers, noise quality control and health prevention in various environments,such as noise measurement in factory,office,traffic road,family and all other noise measurement applications.

1) This unit was designed according to following standards:

-International electrician committee standard: IEC PUB 651 TYPE2

-US national standard: ANSI S1.4 TYPE2

2) Accuracy up to +/-1.5dB

3) Measurement range is 30 to 130dB

4) Fast/slow time weighting selection

5) Automatic backlight

6) The maximum value holding function

7) Auto power off 10 minutes

8) A/C Frequecny weighting selection

9) Both AC and PWM signal output are available

10) Calendar function

11) 4700 data record function

12) Connect with PC through USB,provides data record downloading,real-time data sampling analysis,and printing graph & data functions.

13) Power: 4xAA batteries(included)

14) Calibration sound source: 94dB@1KHz

15) Size: 240x67x33mm

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