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ET826 Oscilloscope + Multimeter Combo Color Screen Multimeter


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SKU: TBD04267383
Product Category: Electronics, Test Equipment

1. Analog bandwidth: ACV / DCV / ACA / DCA 20kHz, 200k high-speed A / D sampling
2. HD display
3. Digital multimeter with 41-segment analog bar display, 200k high-speed A/D sampling, 4000 count automatic range (manually selectable), one-key switch graphic waveform display during measurement
4. Panel calibration technology and memory calibration have high reliability, no need to use potentiometer to adjust
5. Independent storage of 100 sets of data and 10 waveforms
6. Ability to save waveforms and data during measurement, easy to view and analyze
7. Realize one-click automatic waveform capture
8. With a unique record reading mode, historical data and real-time measured values can be displayed on the same screen for easy comparison
9. Effectively eliminate lead resistance, distributed capacitance or interference signals through relative value measurement (clear)
10. Extend battery life with automatic shutdown
11. Frequency measurement, automatic switching range is 5Hz~5MHz, maximum input is 380VAC
12. Product size: 83x160x32 mm
13. Net weight: 190 grams
14. Power parameters: 3XAA batteries (not included)

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